Karier · Loker

Vacancy – Elearning Project Manager

You like challenges, has ability to lead and manage team, experienced in eLearning and financial industry?
Join our team as
“eLearning Project Manager”
  • Develop and monitor Premium Access Membership.
  • Create and develop upcoming E-Learning Program.
  • Chunking down goals into action plan and monitor its process until goals achieved.
  • Responsible for quality control of all content, delivery and services to comply with the standards and client’s need, delivered in time, and achieving customer satisfaction levels according to or above standards.
  • Manage and monitor every team works effectively & efficient, able to set priorities, manage time, finding the bottle neck / obstacles and find solutions.
  • Determine KPIs, and ensure each team meets the KPIs. Determine reward and consequences, for team members who achieve KPI or not.
  • Documenting every work process in the form of workflows, business plans, SOPs (flowcharts, texts, or videos) that are easy to understood and do.
  • General understanding of how eLearning works.
  • Keeping up-to-date with latest eLearning Trends in Financial and Capital Market industry.
  • Leadership, management, communication skills.
  • Creative on find its own way when given a goal, into an action plan.
  • Thinking logically, gradually and structured * Discipline & thorough.
  • Accustomed to always writing note than just remember.
  • Firm, dare to admonish and focus on finding solutions rather than finding excuses and blaming.
  • Proactive, high integrity and trusted.
Only if you meet the criterias, please submit your CV, along with recent photographs, experience and achievements in related fields, high school until diploma transcript-lecture in one PDF file.
File title : EPM-NamaAnda.pdf
Email title: EPM-NAMAANDA
Please submit before July 31, 2017.
We are very grateful that you have helped us to forward this information to your network.
Best regards,

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